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Focus On Your Business, We Focus On The Development

We cover all the necessary parts to develop a first class innovative product, from strategy, to native applications, web development, to background services. We code to very high specifications and test continuously, which makes products easy to maintain and of the highest quality.

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Mobile & Web Development For Startups

Product strategy and planning
UX/UI design
A.I, Data & Analytics
Cloud Ops
Process Automation
Hybrid app development

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What We Do

We’re always on the edge. We adapt to the newest software industry paradigm as quickly as it changes so we can do what we do best even better: Boosting your growth.

Progressive Web Apps

Go to the next level of web development while reducing cost. With PWA say good-bye to lengthy downloads making it easy for your users - they will definitely want to stay with you! PWA’s are installable, no connection needed, and all through the web.

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Enterprise Solutions

We address all design and technical challenges, identify any risk areas and plan for them, and create a sound foundation for the product based on cost, timeline, and technology. We deliver your product blueprint, complete with the app's architecture.

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Unique Innovative Design

Responsive web & app design, graceful degradation, clean and sleek animations and low cost of maintenance are the principles that drive our developments.

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Mobile Development

This is where the coding happens. Our team plans and delivers in sprints - Cross-functional team rallies around the sprint goals to deliver them on time and within budget. Each sprint results in an increment which is a potentially shippable product.

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Results for innovative companies

Are you looking to enhance an existing application or do you need a custom application to achieve your business vision? We can help you transform your needs into actionable development plans and experiences that your customers will love.

Our Leadership

Our leadership empowers us to be owners and innovators while keeping a customer centric lens on everything we do.

Erika Donado

Ceo & Founder

David Mogollon

CTO & Co-Founder

Mario Ojeda

Director of Product Design

Jose Artiles

Tech Lead


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They Trust Us

Erika and David were very helpful, they understood my business necessities and guided the project to enhance my user’s experience.

Marco Orozco - CEO at UHC

I want to say a special thanks to all the team that worked on this project, they have been tremendous. I´m not a technological client, and David and Erika helped me to get this right and user friendly.

Tanya Griffith - CEO at Scene Finder

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The quantum computing race is on and some of the big technology companies like IBM, Microsoft, Intel, or Google are already working on revolutionizing...

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Blockchain: the future now

Blockchain is one of the technologies that we have heard more about, from cryptocurrencies to smart contracts. Let’s review a little what is blockchain...

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