How to plan agile apps by extracting requirements from ideas ?

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How to plan agile apps by extracting requirements from ideas ?

If you’re reading this, I imagine it’s because you want to learn how to create an app from scratch. Sorry to disappoint you, I won’t give you a programming class this time.

But what I can offer is a more global vision of what it takes to create an app. from the conception of the idea, to the project structure.

First let’s talk about what is an idea, have you wondered what it means an idea?

The Greeks gave it a very interesting definition, basically they imply that an idea is the mental representation that arises from reasoning, a vision, taken from the imagination of a person.

We all have ideas, every day we create, we act on the information that the world gives us. The way we structure information, the data we are given and what we do with it, is what gives rise to opportunities.

The way we can give a shape to our ideas is through user stories.

And to all this, what is a user story?

Basically it is the structuring of the ideas in a simple way, with a short description of the characteristics, that your application must have

  • As <User>
  • I want <some objective>
  • Why <motivate>

Let’s see an example

As a user I want to order a car from my cell phone to get to my destination

Depending on the level of detail we want to give it, we can make bigger structures, known as EPIC


  • As a user, I want to be able to see the information of who my driver is, to know that who is driving me is who he says he is.
  • As a user, I want to specify where you are going to pick me up to get to my destination
  • As a user, I want to be able to rate the driver, to show my opinion of the trip.
  • As a driver. I want to be able to see where my passenger is and what is it’s destination , in order to decide whether to accept the service.


In this way we can cover large amounts of functionality (characteristics of our application), the bigger the epic, the more detail we can cover.

After this step, we can add the acceptance criteria, considerations that we must have.


  • Make sure that the user can only request 1 trip at a time
  • Ensure that the user can choose several destinations
  • Users should only be able to qualify 1 time per trip to the driver.
  • Ensure that users cannot cancel the service once the trip starts

How to turn user stories into requirements?

We will use this element from the epic.

As a user, i want to be able to see the information of who is my driver, to check if the person who passes by me is the right one.

What does this imply?

  1. You are telling me that there must be a section in the application where I can see the driver’s personal information.
  2. As you need to check the identity of the person, there should be a profile picture.
  3. Also by association, there should be a place where you can enter the driver’s personal information.


By doing this with each of the elements of the epic, we can see much of the functionality that the application will have, and along with each functionality there are different acceptance criteria, which arise from the same exercise.


Congratulations, if you’ve reached this point, you’re one step closer to being a Product owner, and familiarizing yourself with the SCRUM methodology and now we have the requirements to create an app.

In the agile projects there is a list called “product backlog“, a prioritized list of the functionalities that will be developed for the application.


The user stories are the best Product backlog.



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