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Agilika is a software development company that provides businesses worldwide with custom technology solutions. We help clients through all or parts of the Software Development Lifecycle. (SDLC).
We base our values on Passion, Innovation, Human Quality, Hight Quality Service.
Passion: We dedicate ourselves with total intensity to each project of our clients, giving each situation 101% of our commitment to ensure that the experience is unique.
Innovation: We are committed to staying at the forefront.

We know that the world changes every second and that is why we evolve at the same rate. What gives our clients the certainty of having the best solutions in innovation.
Human quality: We are a consultancy made up of people. What makes us a team of professionals with high performance for knowledge, skills, competencies, ethical training, principles, and values. Our development in the human factor is the most essential.
Quality of service: Our service is focused on total excellence in quality. The hallmark is the attention to detail in everything our client needs to guarantee full success in their projects.

Our Mission

Provide the best solutions in technology development to our clients to satisfy their unique needs through a tailor-made consulting service with the main mission of making their business a more scalable, competitive, and profitable model in an agile, practical way. and efficient. With a personalized accompaniment to the success of your objectives, giving our characteristic seal of quality in service and avant-garde.
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Our Vision

To be a leading company in development consulting and recognized around the world for providing the best technology solutions. Complying with the highest standards of quality and avant-garde. Characterized by our excellence in personalized service to ensure the success of each business of our clients.
Business-to-business metrics analytics value proposition funding angel investor entrepreneur alpha ramen equity gamification. Social proof partner network research .

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Meet the Team

Our leadership empowers us to be owners and innovators while keeping a customer centric lens on everything we do.

Erika Donado

Project Manager Team Lead

Mario Ojeda

Director of Product Design

Jose Artiles

Tech Lead

Our Focus

Our custom agile process puts you in control; reduces risk, increases transparency between our team and yours, and allows you to hit even aggressive timelines.

App Development for Startups

Our team understands the challenges faced by early-stage companies. We’ve built top-ranking apps for a variety of start-ups. We take a unique approach by fusing traditional and new methods to develop uality apps.

Enterprise App Development

We know how enterprise apps differ from off-the-shelf software. We've customized and launched unique web and mobile solutions that meet enterprise-level needs. Our portfolio demonstrates our high-quality standards regardless of the product.

Product Planning & Strategy

We offer a full-service product development and strategy team. We dive deep to identify market opportunities, create a long-term mobile strategy, and develop product roadmaps that drives ROI for our clients, which sets us apart from other mobile app development companies.

Rescue Projects

We specialize in rescuing projects on verge of failure - Mobile or Web! Combining our qualified expertise with a documented process; we quickly address underlying development problems, bottlenecks, and performance & usability issues.


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